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Black Friday offers in tourism

For a few years, or rather since 2011, "Black Friday" or "Black Friday" has appeared in Romania. It was smart people who brought this shopping trend to our country. At first it focused on electronics and then it expanded to all sorts of products and services. This is a day with offers and dozens of discounts of all kinds, from electronics, appliances, phones, clothes and more, now we have Black Friday and travel agencies. For cheap travel choose Black Friday deals in travel!

reduceriturism.roThe big event is coming and it comes with more discounts than ever. Black Friday takes place every year in November. You may not be used to going on holiday at the end of November, but we assure you that this may be a good time to book your tickets.

If you buy Black Friday holidays, you have every chance to save money and go to the places you've always dreamed of. The discounted products offered are among the most varied, and if you want to spend your holiday away from home, you can choose for Black Friday exotic holidays or, why not on Romanian lands?

At this time of year, many holiday packages are specially designed to help you spend your Christmas holiday in a dream destination or to make sure that the turn of the year catches you in a charming place. You can choose between a European city or a more exotic destination, but you can also opt for a cosy cottage in our country's mountain resorts.

Black Friday offers in tourism are very advantageous!

If you are fond of winter sports in the mountains and want to spend your holiday on snowy parts of the country or abroad, there are many destinations where you can book a holiday at a very good Black Friday price. You can also opt for exotic destinations where you can enjoy the sun and beaches.

Because choosing the right holiday destination is not easy. Travel agents come to our aid on Black Friday with travel packages offered at much lower prices than usual. Here are some details about the biggest discount event of 2018 and which agencies are participating in Black Friday: This year's round of holiday deals kicks off on 24 November, offering dozens of discounts of up to 50%.

There are agencies specialized in the Romanian seaside, offering tourist packages on the Black Sea. The Black Friday offers start from November 23 (5 pm) until November 26 (midnight), and reservations can be paid until November 27 at 5 pm at the latest. Payment can be made by money order, card or cash deposit at the bank. Reservations can be made online or by phone.

Big Discount Day on all sorts of things - Black Friday offers in tourism

Black Friday, it is called "Big Discount Day on all sorts of things" has been approved in recent years in Romania and has quickly become extremely popular. As the name suggests, Black Friday is an American holiday. Black Friday marks the beginning of the winter shopping season on the North American continent, and we are not dealing with a holiday in the classic sense of the word.

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Black Friday always falls the day after Thanksgiving. Most retailers open their stores in the middle of the night, because record sales are made for every Black Friday. This happens for several reasons:

  • Lots of employers give employees Black Friday off, so there are more shoppers on the street
  • On Black Friday you can find great deals. Price reductions of 50-70 even 80% are not rare, they are very frequent.
  • Many customers save up all year to make the most of end-of-year offers on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day and other shopping holidays.
Black Friday offers in tourism

Since 2010-2012, some of the local retailers have started to offer significant discounts on products as a gift for this holiday. So, mark in your calendar the 17th and 24th of November 2017, because then you have a great chance to buy your much desired gadget at a great price. But you must identify the offers in Romanian stores participating in Black Friday.

The best-selling products on Black Friday are usually electronics and accessories for them, or even tourist holidays. Expect huge discounts on phones and laptops, tablets, TVs and other products, as these are the biggest sellers. Black Friday isn't just on appliances or books.

Black Friday is also on the travel deals. It's universal and can be found everywhere. You might be surprised to find books, films or music at this reduced price. Don't forget Black Friday week to take advantage of this year's biggest discounts. The term "Black Friday" originated in the 1960s, marking the beginning of the winter holiday shopping season.

The adjective "black" refers to the shops, which were changing from "red" to "black" at the time. In the accounting organisation, done manually. In this case, the accountants marked the losses they had in the shop with red ink, and the large profits they recorded with black.

Always choose the best Black Friday deals in travel

The start of winter shopping has been marked by this day since 1924. That's when the Thanksgiving Day parade was held, organized by the chain store, on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Over time, merchants realized that this way they could use the holiday to increase their profits.

Then, they started giving substantial discounts to customers who cross their threshold. They've been slashing prices even more than in the last few days before Christmas. Many of the companies open their doors in the early hours of the morning. They even announce these offers to their loyal customers a few weeks in advance, so that everyone can benefit.

The most popular products sold on this day are household appliances and toys, and are included in the most profitable offers. Another hypothesis about the origin of the name "Black Friday" refers to an event that happened in the 60s, in the American city of Philadelphia, when many motorcyclists and pedestrians got into a fight with police forces.

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Passionate about tourism, always looking for new information. I like to write about the tourist destinations I go to and offer tips and suggestions. These tips are mainly based on my travel experiences over the years.


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