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The Romanian coastline has a total length of 245 kilometers, being delimited to the north by the border with Ukraine and to the south by the border with Bulgaria. It is dominated by the Danube Delta and the lakes on the coast, starting with Capul Midia in Navodari and Vama Veche, which is on the border with Bulgaria.

The Romanian Coast, being dominated by fine sandy beaches, and having a temperate climate, low salinity water and east-facing beach, attracts many tourists.

But there is a difference between the beaches in the north of the coast, represented by the tourist areas of Navodari, Constanta and Mamaia, and those in the south. Because the northern beaches have a uniform shoreline, while the sandy stretches in the south are narrower and have more sectors, being furrowed by bays, the preferred areas for tourists are the northern ones.

On the Romanian coast the sun shines an average of 2500 hours a year, similar to the beaches of Croatia and the Mediterranean coast.

Choose your desired resort for a dream holiday from the list below:

Advantageous accommodation offers on the Romanian coast:

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Tourism on the Romanian coast

The Romanian Coast offers multiple accommodation options, tourists having at their disposal more than 2500000 places where they can stay: in hotels, villas, agritourism guesthouses in the 12 resorts: Mamaia, Eforie Nord, Eforie Sud, Navodari, Costinesti, Neptun, Jupiter, Olimp, Cap Aurora, Techirghiol, Mangalia, Saturn.

With plenty of entertainment opportunities and fun activities, the resorts on the Romanian coast meet the demands of the most demanding tourists.

As many hotels, terraces and restaurants have developed over time, tourists have the opportunity to relax and taste many traditional Romanian dishes, or, why not, international, this being conditioned by the type of restaurant chosen.

The Romanian coast offers opportunities for sports activities preferred by surfing, tennis, football and golf enthusiasts. Also, in the resorts we often find numerous amusement parks and entertainment centers.

There are also many tourist attractions visited by tourists: museums, historical monuments of great significance, churches, ancient ruins, nature reserves unique in Europe.

Seaside holidays with All Inclusive packages include upfront expenses for accommodation, meals, drinks, hotel taxes and entertainment activities. When looking for details of an all-inclusive seaside holiday, it's worth looking at and comparing several offers. Also, in order to get a reasonable price, you should first opt for detailed trip planning. A first step is to set the date of your holiday in advance (a few months in advance), which can be an advantage for your budget.

Prices on the Romanian seaside

In general, prices can vary from day to day. In most cases they can get more expensive every day. Sometimes, however, it happens that in the off-season, all-inclusive seaside holidays are even cheaper 20 days before you buy them.

It is true that the northern part of the coast is more popular (Navodari, Mamaia, Constanta), because the beaches keep a uniform shoreline and are wider. The southern ones are a little narrower, but here there are many bays and high cliffs.

The accommodation options on the Romanian coast are diverse, tourists having at their disposal more than 250,000 accommodation places in hotels, villas and pensions.

Resorts on the Romanian coast

Romanian seaside tourism has no more than 12 resorts at its disposal: Navodari, Mamaia, Eforie Nord, Techirghiol, Costinesti, Olimp, Neptun, Jupiter, Cap Aurora, Venus, Saturn, Mangalia, to which have been added, unofficially, the resorts of 2 Mai and Vama Veche.

The Romanian coast has a multitude of opportunities for fun and leisure, satisfying all preferences and demands of tourists who choose to spend their holidays here. Restaurants and terraces are in the immediate vicinity of the beaches or right on the beach. Their menu varies, here you can serve specific Romanian, international or fish dishes.

  • Mamaia, being a resort in expansion and development, is developed as a residential district, predominantly spacious villas, private pensions and campsites with direct exit to the sandy beaches.
  • Eforie Nord is the second largest seaside resort in Romania, being located 12 kilometers from Constanta. Here recreational tourism is combined with treatment - because this resort is famous abroad for its modern spa treatment methods. Being located in the small southern part of the region, Eforie Sud is famous for its green spaces, mud and salt water, natural treatment factors that are exploited in the field of health.
  • In Costinesti You will also find ideal offers for accommodation, this resort being especially popular with young people.

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  • Mangalia, the resort with sulphurous mesothermal springs that are used in recovery treatments for bone diseases, is also famous for various opportunities to spend time: visits to the uzes, fortresses with important historical significance, water fun, beach, historical monuments, festivals and cultural events.
  • The resort Jupiter- Cape Aurora is small in size, and tourists who choose it will be delighted by the rich vegetation that surrounds it. Having areas with narrow beaches and shaped by bays, tourists are pleased with this area, because, despite its size, this resort offers multiple possibilities for relaxation and entertainment: water sports, skyjet rides, diving courses, hydrobike rides, tennis, gold and football courts, billiard tables, bowling and volleyball courts for enthusiasts.
  • In the resort Neptun, the strong point is the beach called "La Steaguri", being known as a very well arranged beach, with fine sand, smooth entrance in the sandy bottom sea. Regenerative diseases, dermatological, post-traumatic conditions and diseases of the peripheral nervous system can be treated in this resort, equipped with a climate rich in solar radiation, saline aerosols, sodium, magnesium, chlorine and hypotonic sea water.
  • Beaches in the resort Olimp have a different appearance from those in Neptune because of the bays. The beach is wider in the north (in the area of the Belvedere Panoramic Amphitheatre Complex) and narrower in the south, bordered by high cliffs. Due to the hypo-thermal, sulphurous and mineral water springs, Venus is famous as a spa area that tourists use for the treatment of various bone diseases. From the soil of this area comes sulphurous mineral water that treats various conditions such as secondary anaemia, skin diseases, gynaecological diseases, cervical, lumbar or dorsal spondylosis, rickets, and others.
  • Also in the resort Saturn there are sulphurous hypothermal springs and mud with therapeutic role in the healing of gynecological and locomotor system diseases. Not being an expensive location, tourists choose to spend their seaside holidays in this quiet summer resort dominated by natural factors with beneficial effects on health.
  • The resort TechirghiolAlthough it offers small accommodation and restaurants, tourists choose it for relaxation and privacy. The main attraction is the Techirghiol Lake, a source that provides sapropelic mud with active mineral components and that gives it a therapeutic value appreciated by tourists.
  • Corbu Beach - is the newest beach on the Black Sea coast. Being a secluded area, with numerous campsites and tourist facilities, and cottages in traditional Dobrogea style.

Accommodation on the Romanian coast

For example, a couple who chose a seaside holiday for one week, in August, you will have to spend around 1900-2100 lei, at this price you will only be provided with accommodation in a 2 or 3 star hotel (depending on the period when the reservation was made). Most offers in Mamaia are between 2000 and 3500 lei, except for luxury hotels, where the figure remains the same, only changing the currency from RON to EURO.

For 6 nights accommodation, breakfast included, the hotels on the coast in Mamaia resort from 3 to 5 stars, some having all inclusive offers, prices start from 2800-3000 lei and can easily exceed 5000 lei. These higher priced seaside holidays will also provide you with spa sessions. If you plan your seaside holiday in advance, you have the chance to find accommodation for less than 2000 lei (even a little more than 1000-1200 lei).

For a successful seaside holiday with an online booking, it is advisable to follow the comments of former customers to find out how they felt and if they had any unpleasantness. If you find out about as many seaside hotels as possible you will be more satisfied when you spend your stay in that destination.

If we choose areas in the south we will find seaside resorts at prices that hardly exceed 2000 lei - here we refer to the resort Eforie Nord which offers better and better deals on the coast every year. Not very far from Eforie Nord, just a few kilometers away, we will find accommodation at much more affordable prices, namely 900-1500 lei.

Another very popular resort is Costinesti - this resort is very popular with young people who are planning a seaside holiday to have as much fun as possible and who are not looking for luxury, as they say: "The hotel room is just for sleeping, a bed and a bathroom with shower is enough". Here, young people will pay between 1100 and 1500 lei for a 6-night stay.

In the south of the Romanian coast we find Vama Veche, a resort that has developed a lot in recent years and has become an attractive destination for those who want to spend May 1st on the beach. However, for a stay during the summer season, tourists will pay between 1200 and 1900 lei, depending on the hotel or pension offers.

Also, early-booking offers gives you the opportunity to benefit from lower prices on the coast. Therefore, it is advisable to plan your seaside holiday in advance, search for as many offers as possible and choose the best one for you and your needs when you want to spend a week by the sea.


As far as transport is concerned, it is facilitated by the A2 Motorway of the Sun, being the first artery connecting the rest of the country to the Romanian coast. It makes a direct link between Constanta and Bucharest, (202 kilometers away) and is the best option for tourists from Muntenia, Banat, Maramures and Ardeal. It takes the traffic to the coast, being a shortcut in terms of time saved and quality of travel.

There is no motorway toll, and drivers can travel at a maximum speed of 80 miles per hour. There are also plenty of petrol stations and car parks along the A2 Motorway of the Sun, which is a plus for tourists coming from afar.

The A4 motorway, being a beltway that bypasses Constanta, facilitates the way for tourists heading towards the resorts in the south of the Romanian coast.

The E60 road is also a good option for tourists from the Moldavian area, but also for those from the north or north-eastern part of Muntenia.

The E87 road offers tourists in a hurry the possibility to take the A4 motorway to reach the southern part of the Romanian coast. It offers access to all the southern resorts of the coast, on the route Consanta, Agigea, Eforie, Tuzla, 23 August, Mangalia and Vama Veche.

Also, air travel offers you the opportunity to relax and forget about driving fatigue. Some companies offer safe, comfortable and punctual transfers from Constanta or to Constanta, to Otopeni or Mihail Kogalniceanu airport. All you have to do is book early to benefit from a smooth flight and lower prices.

Why should we choose the Romanian coast for a dream holiday?

  • There are many tourist attractions: museums in Constanta, Histria fortress, Adamclisi Monument, Danube Delta, special tourist ports, etc;
  • All Inclusive Offers - we find this offer everywhere: Mamaia, Eforie nord, Neptun, Olimp, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus;
  • Prices adapted to each tourist - the 3 to 5 star hotels offer you the possibility to have a varied budget, between 1000-2000 ron per room in a 7 days stay;
  • Leisure - sea cruises, snorkeling, diving, horse riding (especially at the Mangalia Stud Farm)
  • Treatment and spa - the many hotels that include modern spa centres in most resorts will treat your various locomotor and other ailments;
  • Peace and greenery - for families who want a quiet and relaxing stay, the areas of Jupiter, Olimp and Neptun are recommended, in the area of which the famous Comorova forest is located;
  • Numerous traditional events and festivals;
  • National and international dishes, served by the best masterchefs.

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