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The summer season in Romania and beyond is fast approaching and each of us should make a well thought-out plan, so that we can choose a dream holiday in a destination we have always wanted!

If you want a complete stay at the sea and want to benefit from air + accommodation by the sea, all you have to do is look for those great special offers on the coast and book your desired rooms in advance for you and your friends!

Accommodation Egypt seaside

When it comes to holiday packages seaside Egypt, you can surely imagine an oasis with paradisiacal vegetation, swimming pools, fun and good times!

Indeed it is! Sun, warmth, relaxation and great food! How would you like to plan a seaside holiday in Egypt right now with breakfast or all inclusive in a wonderful hotel? Doesn't that sound more than exciting?

If you choose an all inclusive offer, you will also benefit from breakfast, internet, swimming pool, meals and more!

Exotic destinations are among the most sought after by most Romanian and foreign tourists, due to the dream landscapes but also due to the affordable offers! When you make these plans in advance, it is impossible not to find an offer to your

Accommodation seaside Spain

Spain is one of those destinations preferred by Romanians who are eager for perfect beaches and holidays on the coast! The tourist services are among the best and if you direct your attention in advance to some of the holiday packages seaside Spain, you will be able to save money at the same time!

Most tourists are attracted by the beauty of Spain, and over time, the resorts are filled with visitors who want to enjoy a rich culture and beautiful scenery right on the coast.

The most beautiful resorts in Spain are:

Costa Brava, which is located near Barcelona, is a perfect destination for those who follow in the footsteps of Salvador Dali, but also for tourists who want to spend their holidays with their family. This region is rocky and sprinkled with many beaches, bays, some deserted or private. Clear water, wild landscapes and resorts with certain facilities and services for children are just some of the main assets of this destination.

The island of Gran Canaria has one of the most unique and largest cities in Spain. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is located right on the top coast of the island and is one of the most interesting and beautiful resorts in Spain.

This island has many types of majestic landscapes, mountains with cycling trails, sand dunes and more.

Mallorca has incredible scenery and is a great option for families. On this east coast you can find small beaches and golf courses.

You can also choose a holiday in Ibiza, Costa Dorada or Costa del Sol, depending on your preferences.

Accommodation Turkey seaside

If you want the perfect accommodation near the coast, Turkey is the best option. It is a very interesting destination because of its magnificent beaches, tourist attractions and exclusive hotels!

Resorts such as Antalya, Dalaman, Bodrum, Cesme, Marmaris, Kemer and Alanya are very popular for their natural beauty and water sports.

There are many tourists who choose various special offers for the west coast of Turkey. You can choose to complete your holiday with a visit to Istanbul, the fascinating canal between Asia and Europe.

You can find various holiday packages Turkey seaside at an affordable price for every budget, so you can save money while enjoying great deals at a great hotel with breakfast or all inclusive!

Look for as much information as possible on early booking or all inclusive and you can choose according to your needs and preferences.

Choose the right hotel that will fully satisfy you and offer you an unforgettable experience!

Accommodation seaside Greece

Discover the charm and beauty of Greece by opting for a holiday by the sea, with lots of sun and relaxation on the beach! The clean sea, the shining sun and the fairytale landscapes will truly convince you that Greece is one of the most beautiful destinations you could choose!

It is an ideal location for all those who want a holiday at the sea with their loved ones and not only. Tourists can find a lot of affordable offers on the Greek coast, in beautiful hotels and luxury all inclusive resorts and more.

We offer you a lot of high quality offers for your holiday at affordable prices! Whether you want a 5 or 4 star, 2 or 3 star hotel, we promise you that we have great beach holiday deals for this year! Have fun on the beach, choose a hotel to your liking and you'll see that this way you've got yourself one of the most special tourist destinations!

Choose one of so many holiday packages seaside Greece with breakfast or all inclusive at the hotel at a great price and start planning your next holiday!

Accommodation seaside Bulgaria

This Bulgarian coastline is famous for its wide and fine beaches, golden sands and underwater bays and caves, which is why it has really developed! Choose a high quality hotel for your seaside fun!

In this area you will find a lot of hotels that have more than accommodation offers for package holidays seaside Bulgaria!

In this area you will have great services, numerous attractions for adults and children.

The offer for the seaside is very affordable and diverse, so you can choose and enjoy a great accommodation!

Bulgaria is the ideal location for all those who want a beautiful holiday by the sea in the Black Sea resorts. Tourists can choose a stay with breakfast, all inclusive or ultra all inclusive, depending on their preferences.

Enjoy a real holiday near the country and you will discover that you have chosen one of the most spectacular tourist destinations ever!

Resorts in Bulgaria are the following: Golden Sands, Albena, Sunny Beach, Balchik, St. Constantine and Helena.

Search right now for as much information as you can about accommodation and choose a hotel that will win you over at first sight!

Accommodation seaside Romania

Mamaia is the most famous and largest resort in Romania. It is situated in the northern part of Constanta and is also called the Pearl of the Romanian Coast.

It stretches for about 8 km and on the western side is the Siutghiol Lake. The beach in Romania has many outdoor swimming pools, numerous hotels, leisure parks, discos, sports grounds and a summer theatre. This resort, Mamaia in Romania offers all tourists the chance to practice water sports, such as fishing in Lake Mamaia.

Even you can enjoy a wonderful early booking summer holiday on the Romanian coast, in Romania, no matter how old you are. The summer season on the Romanian seaside starts in May and ends in September - October, depending on how the weather conditions are for the beach.Mamaia remains the resort of choice for most tourists when it comes to the Romanian seaside!

If we talk about the hotel offer in the Romanian seaside, you will find that this offer is accessible and different for each tourist. There are numerous holiday packages seaside Romania at a great price which you can purchase through Early Booking.


Romania is the ideal place for all those who want a relaxing or dynamic holiday, depending on the choice of the hotel on the Romanian coast. Rely on a hotel with breakfast included or all inclusive, depending on your preferences!

You will find beautiful hotels on the Romanian coast with some minimal services but also luxury resorts on the Romanian coast with many entertainment possibilities.

Depending on your preferences, you can book an accommodation in the Romanian seaside with a breakfast, full board, all inclusive or ultra all inclusive.

It is good to inquire as soon as you can about a lot of early booking offers and you will find what you are looking for, without but and maybe in the Romanian coast!

All these hotels on the Romanian coast have various facilities for families with children: large, spacious rooms, where children can be accommodated free of charge up to the age of 13, playgrounds, slides, children's clubs, swimming pool with a special section for children, animation.

For young people who really want to have fun on the Romanian seaside you can find discos, clubs, pubs, aquaparks, terraces and water sports. And for those who want to escape from the crowded and tumultuous environment, they can relax at leisure at the various hotels on the Romanian seaside, where they can find peace, relaxation and tranquility.

The beaches stretching from Mangalia to Mamaia are bordered by the resorts on the Romanian coast, with hotels and many entertainment and sports facilities. You will find many generous beaches with fine sand in Eforie Nord, Mamaia, Neptun, Jupiter, Mangalia and Saturn in our beautiful country Romania!

If you want to choose one of so many wonderful seaside holidays, inquire about a hotel or complete Romanian seaside packages and opt for the best offers with breakfast included in Mamaia!

Neptun resort is located just 6 km north of Mangalia.

Neptun is a fashionable summer resort on the Romanian coast with large and interesting hotels. Comfort, quality and greenery make Neptun the favourite place for families with children to spend their holidays by the sea.

Quality and luxury can be found everywhere: in restaurants, clubs, bars, discos, on sports fields, at the Summer Theatre, at swimming pools or even in shops. Everything breathes only elegance and absolutely no detail has been omitted.

Choose from these offers with breakfast included for the Romanian coast and spend your holiday on the beach in Mamaia, Eforie Nord, Neptun, Venus or anywhere else you want!

For more details about early booking or a specific hotel in Mamaia on the Romanian coast you can contact us at the phone number shown and we will clarify immediately!

Eforie Nord is the second tourist resort on the Romanian coast in terms of size.

This resort is excellent because of the lovely scenery, great hotels and wonderful early booking offers! So, if you haven't decided on your holiday yet, Romania is definitely your best choice yet! Choose a hotel you really like and one of the various offers on the Romanian coastline Romania.

Whether we are talking about Mamaia, Venus or Eforie Nord, in Romania it is impossible not to find various offers to your liking.

On the seaside you will not only have great fun and make lots of great memories, but you will be able to gather experiences and memories that you will remember fondly for years to come!

A beautiful holiday means total relaxation on the beach, fun, good times on the Romanian coast!

Choose a hotel in Mamaia or Eforie Nord with early booking and choose an offer with breakfast included or all inclusive, depending on what you want!

Cap Aurora - The Olimp resort in Romania is truly built in a western way and is preferred by a lot of tourists who prefer the Romanian coast for beach, fun and good times!

No matter what your choice will be, make sure you choose a holiday you like and an accommodation in a really interesting hotel in Romania that has the facilities you want!

If you want to go to another destination, always opt for accommodation in Spain, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria or Egypt!

The important thing is to have a good time, to check in advance all the available offers and to save money all the time, relying on Early Booking and not only!

The Romanian coast remains a wonderful option for all those who want to explore the beauties of Romania!



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