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The main purpose of a trip is to visit as many new places as possible. That's why a car is essential to get everywhere easily.

Service rent a car Romania offers a wide range of holiday cars that you can rent for a variable period of time, depending on how long you need.

By car you can choose any travel destination, without having to wait for hours for public transport. Holiday car rentals save you time and money.
Firms of car rental are available to all holders of a valid driving licence. With the help of touring cars, you can admire all the landscapes in depth, reaching places where public transport cannot reach.

Environmental taxes are included in car rental prices in Romania. Rental cars are diverse, including high-performance and new models.

In case of theft or damage, the cars have Casco, so the insurance company pays the full amount of the compensation.

In addition to cars, car rental companies also offer accessories such as GPS, which will help you easily reach a specified address.

Snow chains will help you especially in the winter season, when you go on a mountain holiday.

Car rentals are very beneficial for all people who need a car but cannot afford to buy one.

They can be used both in Romania and for a holiday abroad. Before choosing the car, a contract is drawn up between the company and the beneficiary, where all the details are stipulated.

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The roadside assistance service can be of great help in the event of breakdowns. The cars you rent are technically checked before they are released to you, so your journey will be safe.
You will arrive directly at the hotel you have booked, without taking any other means of transport. Your luggage is stored in the luggage compartment, so you don't have to do any extra work carrying it.

If you rent a vehicle for a longer period of time, you can get a discount. Prices differ depending on the model chosen.

The process of renting a car is very simple, nowadays you can also book your desired model online.

Usually, car rental programs are available 24 hours a day, so you can make a reservation at any time.

There is no mileage limit, you can use the car as much as you want, in the time frame you rent it.

On holiday, we want to go as many places as possible to escape from our daily routine. With a rental car, this becomes very easy to achieve.
You can find out any details about the chosen car model or the rental conditions on the website, or you can book directly online. For any further information, there are details on the website or you can ask an operator for help.

Considering the very good prices, renting a car becomes the ideal solution to go on a holiday, forgetting about the congestion of public transport.


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