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2020 probably wasn't a great year for many of us. Perhaps many of us set various plans for the previous year, but failed to carry them out because of the Coronavirus. However, the industry that suffered most from this pandemic was the Horeca industry: the hotel, restaurant and café industry.

inregistrare unitate de cazare pe travelminit

It is also logical to understand why the industries were the most affected, as most of them do not want to travel or rent a hotel room or apartment in the middle of the pandemic.

Even so, there is a solution for those who want to continue to offer their accommodation services, whether it is a simple hotel room, an apartment or a guesthouse. The founders of the website If you don't know what travelminit does, we'll look at their main occupation, how their services can help you grow your business and the benefits they offer. is an online booking site and travel agency. In other words, travelminit is a place where you can promote your accommodation much more easily, and interested people can easily book a hotel room, an apartment, a room in a guesthouse, etc. You can easily register your hotel on travelminit. You can also register your guesthouse or apartment on travelminit. We will first look at some of the benefits of registering on travelminit and then see how you can register.

beneficii inregistrare unitate de cazare pe travelminit

Benefits of travelminit registration

First of all, their platform has a nice design and is easy to use. It has various frequently used buttons placed in plain sight and various sections and questions often encountered by users to facilitate even better use of their platform.

Secondly, the TravelMinit use the latest techniques and trends in online and offline marketing, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Newsletters. Travelminit also has a team of marketing, booking and account management professionals.

Thirdly, unlike other accommodation promotion sites, travelminit does not charge fixed fees. They only work on a commission basis, and are only paid if they find people interested in booking a room in your accommodation.

So you don't have to pay anything until travelminit brings you customers. Also, travelminit has a very well set up payment system and accepts any type of holiday vouchers issued in Romania, such as Sodexo, Up Cheque and Edenred.

Now that we've seen what a promotion of a hotel through travelminit.roto see how we can register on this platform.

Hotel registration on travelminit

inregistrare unitate de cazare pe travelminitAs the platform is very well set up and very well organized, you can register your accommodation in a very simple way. To register on travelminit, you just have to enter their platform, that is and click on the button "register me". You will be redirected to another page, where you will have to create an account to add your first accommodation unit. After creating your account, each time you access the page you will be able to log in or stay logged in. Now, after your account is created, you can register your hotel, guesthouse or apartment your travelminit. You can also add more accommodations that you own. For a hostel registration on travelminitfollow the same steps you followed for hotel registration. The same applies to apartment registration on travelminit.

Registering your hotel, guesthouse or apartment on travelminit will bring you many benefits. Your accommodation will benefit from a very good online and offline marketing system, so that it will be recommended to as many people as possible and be more visible than other competing establishments. Another very important service they offer that you won't find on all online booking sites is off-season booking. Even if most of your customers will be during the summer or winter season, you are guaranteed that your accommodation is promoted during the off-season. You have full control over the account created on the travelminit website, including setting prices and seasons. You can make subsequent changes to the room facilities, prices and conditions. You will also never run into the problem of overbooking because the platform also offers you the possibility to synchronise your calendars with a single click. For a registration of pension on travelminit correct, make sure you fill in all the required data correctly. The same for a apartment registration on travelminit.

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beneficii inregistrare unitate de cazare pe travelminitOther facilities offered by travelminit

On travelminit's website you can also see reviews of other accommodations that have decided to become partners. There are also some articles written by the press about travelminit's services that can be consulted on their website. Last but not least, you will also find a section of frequently asked questions and answers, such as how to register on the site, registration of an accommodation unitFor any other question not listed in the questions and answers section you will be able to get in touch with a specialist, either by e-mail or by phone.

Conclusion - hotel registration on travelminit, is it worth it?

So, what do you think, is it worth it to call on such promotion services if you own a hotel, apartment or guesthouse? The decision is yours, but there are many advantages to doing so. Registration can easily be done via the website In addition, these services are offered free of charge until you become a customer. You don't have to worry about the quality of the service, as in other areas, where you pay in advance for a service that is not guaranteed to work. Instead, at travelminit you will only pay a commission when their service works and you have received a booking from a client. You can also consult the opinion of others who have used these services and have been satisfied. Travelminit offers a complete service package. However, it is up to you whether you want to use such services or not. If you do, you will not regret it at all!



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