Winter holidays

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Winter holidays are the most awaited, both by children and adults because they mean relaxation, playing in the snow, time spent with family and friends. What could be more perfect and relaxing than sitting at home in front of the fireplace where it's warm, with a mug of hot chocolate or mulled wine in your hand and watching outside the window as the snow settles everywhere and in the air, tiny sparkly flakes play chaotically. This is the best part of winter holidays, lazing in the warmth, relaxing, but there are many activities that for some are the main attractions of the cold season.

o9vacanta.roLovers of winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, sledging, skating and many others can choose to spend their holidays in the many mountain resorts that offer a wide variety of slopes with varying degrees of difficulty. Children and even adults who do not know how to practise these sports can have access to ski and snowboard instructors, and those who do know how to ski and snowboard can take part in races and competitions organised on the slopes. In winter, the landscapes are spectacular, the trees are covered with a thick layer of snow, the houses seem to be buried in snowdrifts, everything is white all around, like the landscapes described in stories.

For those who want to spend winter holidays Away from home, they can choose from a multitude of tourist resorts that offer them the opportunity to take part in numerous activities that will make their holiday unforgettable. There are numerous tourist attractions, such as castles and ancient fortresses with a history hard to imagine, churches and museums, adventure and fun parks and countless natural sights such as lakes, caves, mountains and frozen beaches. Snowball fights and building a snowman are sure to remind you of your childhood and for a few moments make you feel like a child again.

Winter holidays are perfect, although they are not as they used to be, they still induce that feeling of nostalgia that takes you back to your childhood, of soul, of the spoiling and enthusiasm in the spirit of the winter holidays, of the energy that must be consumed outside on the patio or in the bulgari battles, and of the traditional meals with products specific to the cold season.

December 1st holidays

o9vacanta.roFrom 1 December, the most important day for us Romanians, for our country, we enjoy a few days off, relaxation, we have a mini-holiday that deserves to be spent as it should be.

The main attraction of this day are the military ceremonies with military parades in honor of the National Day that take place both in the capital and in the major cities of the country and are definitely worth seeing. Also, following these parades, there are other small shows where traditions and customs are presented, concerts and fairs with traditional food and products as well as clothing and decorative items.

Most museums in the country will be open on 1 December so that Romanians and foreign tourists can discover Romania as it is, from its beginnings until today, to see its wonders and historical riches, to discover a beautiful country that we can be proud of.

Christmas Markets

The winter holidays and especially Christmas make us more drawn to our country and family here than ever before, and that's due to both traditions and Christmas markets and fairs which are considered to be some of the most beautiful in Europe.

o9vacanta.roThe markets in the cities are decorated year after year with all kinds of decorations specific to the winter holidays, and give a fairytale air to the whole city. Christmas markets are set up in spectacular markets and carefully organized, attract tourists who are more and more numerous with the passing of the years and with the growing popularity in the number of both Romanian and foreign tourists. The most beautiful Christmas fairs in Romania are in Sibiu, Brasov, Cluj-Napoca, Piatra-Neamt, Timisoara, Oradea and Bucharest.

Besides carolers' shows, folk dances, entertainment, tourists can enjoy traditional Romanian food in gastronomic centers, homemade sweets, gingerbread, salami, biscuits, cakes, and many others, with seasonal drinks, mulled wine, boiled tea, or they can choose decorations for the tree, for the house, or jewelry, most of them hand-made.

Children can enjoy the presence of Santa Claus, who can present them with the Christmas gift list, they can take pictures with the elves, Santa's helpers and reindeer and can participate in art, painting and modeling workshops. Christmas Market adopted different themes including family stories or charitable actions that come to the aid of needy families, these being in the spirit of the winter holidays which are characterized by giving, empathy and love.

Christmas Holidays

o9vacanta.roChristmas Holiday is probably the most loved and most awaited by everyone regardless of age. Christmas means joy, love, fulfillment, magic and giving, it is the time when we are together with family and best friends, we give gifts, smile, tell stories and have fun.

Christmas Holiday offers that feeling of blessing, whether you are at home, keeping and carrying on all the traditions, or choosing to spend your holiday differently, discovering new places and new holiday traditions. Traditions and customs are different and very diverse from one area to another, and it is more than worth spending Christmas holidays in places other than home. Christmas offers are numerous and beneficial, especially as they come bundled with services that contribute to the ideal holiday.

Travelling and buying Christmas packages made available by the many hotels in the various tourist resorts, we can discover a different Christmas, other customs, other attractions and other activities, we can combine the joy and indescribable feelings of Christmas with the fun of travelling, discovering new places and things, having something new to offer us a Memorable Christmas.

New Year's Eve vacancies

New Year's Eve, New Year's Eve, are the last joys of the year, and being the last ones, they must surely be numerous and unforgettable.

o9vacanta.roIt may have been a hard year or an easy one, with ups and downs, with joys and losses but the end should be wonderful, conclude with the fact that "all for the best", and let us end the new year with joy, and welcome the new one with a smile on our lips, eager and with high expectations and energy.

o9vacanta.roNew Year's Eve vacancies should be spent with friends, family, with joy, with lots of fun, at home, in the mountains or at the sea, in the delta or in a beautiful city. Whatever your needs, desires and pleasures, the hotels and guesthouses in the country offer New Year's Eve offers that satisfy them and that even offer more than you would ask for, precisely so that the pampering and comfort are at a high level.

New Year's Eve packages offers traditional meals rich in traditional winter dishes, relaxation services, activities, attractions and parties to make you feel at home, or maybe even better. Spectacular scenery, authentic, historic towns, diverse traditions, welcoming people, celebrations spent in style, all this offers you an unforgettable new year, a new year that started right and will continue until the next one.


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