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Choose a dream holiday by the sea, opt for the offers below:

Litoral Romania

Mamaia - 914 Offers

Mangalia - 99 Offers

Venus - 20 Offers

Costinesti - 122 Offers

Jupiter - Cape Aurora - 17 Offers

Saturn - 22 Offers

Eforie Nord - 188 Offers

Neptun - 34 Offers

Corbu Beach - 22 Offers

Eforie Sud - 50 Offers

Olimp - 29 Offers

Seaside Bulgaria

Sunny Beach - 866 Offers

Balchik - 149 Offers

Albena - 33 Offers

Nessebar - 238 Offers

Golden Sands - 233 Offers

Sozopol - 422 Offers

Constantin and Elena - 98 Offers

Seaside Greece

Santorini - 1529 Offers

Zakynthos - 1493 Offers

Crete - 7892 Offers

Halkidiki - 2919 Offers

Rhodes - 1837 Offers

Thessaloniki - 1284 Offers

Thassos - 967 Offers

Lefkada - 1065 Offers

Mykonos - 1079 Offers

Paralia Katerini - 154 Offers

Corfu - 3215 Offers

Kalamata - 333 Offers

Coastal Turkey

Antalya - 397 Offers

Belek - 202 Offers

Fethiye - 422 Offers

Bodrum - 168 Offers

Kemer - 135 Offers

Canakkale - 80 Offers

Kusadasi - 136 Offers

Kas - 253 Offers

Side - 212 Offers

Marmaris - 204 Offers

Izmir - 179 Offers

Alanya - 546 Offers

Seaside Spain

Costa Brava - 6902 Offers

Palma de Mallorca - 287 Offers

Costa Dorada - 4416 Offers

Tenerife - 7489 Offers

Gran Canaria - 1174 Offers

Benidorm - 1356 Offers

Costa del Sol - 14,137 Offers

Ibiza - 1156 Offers

Coastal Egypt

Sharm El Sheikh - 267 Offers

Hurghada - 621 Offers

Marsa Alam - 21 Offers

Coastal France

Saint-Tropez - 237 Offers

Cannes - 2801 Offers

Nice - 2250 Offers

Antibes - 570 Offers

Coastal Cyprus

Protaras - 1002 Offers

Ayia Napa - 569 Offers

Limassol - 519 Offers

Paphos - 799 Offers

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Individual coastal holidays

If you are looking for a place to spend your holiday with your loved ones, you should definitely consider seaside holidays. Think only of sun, beach, sea, good times and lots of fun. Doesn't that sound good?

The sea has many health benefits, being beneficial for young and old alike.

O seaside holiday can improve your mental and physical health and a family holiday right by the sea can take away the stress and negative thoughts that give you trouble. Nothing could be nicer than planning such a getaway with your family and friends and having fun together. If you have to choose between a lot of offers and you don't know whether to go abroad or to enjoy a seaside accommodation in Romania, it would be good to look for as much information as possible about each place and then come to a clear conclusion.

Choose an experience like never before and enjoy a wonderful destination even in Romania! For example, you can turn your attention to Eforie Nord. See more details about early booking, check out or other offers, depending on your preferences.

Accommodation Egypt seaside

O beach holiday in Egypt will definitely be far beyond your expectations, especially because of the resort. Whether you want to spend your honeymoon in Egypt or simply dream of a wonderful holiday, this place will win you over at first sight.

You will be fascinated by a civilization shrouded in mystery and you will experience intense sensations, as you always wanted.

It is the breathtaking scenery that will leave you speechless and make you come back whenever you have the chance. Check out what kind of offers you can find for this destination, and depending on how many adults 1 2 3 you are, you will be able to choose your room type.

These holidays by the sea in Egypt is an excellent idea for all those who want to get away from everyday stress and visit a new place, full of charm and beautiful landscapes. Be sure that you will not regret a single second spent in such a special place!

Accommodation seaside Spain

When it comes to holidays by the sea in Spain, you are definitely thinking of one of the most popular holiday destinations.

bestbuytravel.roIndeed it is. Spain is an extremely popular holiday destination for tourists from all over the world. It has beautiful sandy beaches, spectacular places and views worth seeing.

The beaches here boast the beauty of nature but also an excellent climate, which means that you won't have any unpleasant surprises and you can have a great time with all your loved ones.

Plan for this summer one of the best holidays you can spend in Spain and have a great time!

Accommodation Turkey seaside

If you want to find out more about holidays by the sea in Turkeythen you've made one of the best choices ever.

The scenery will take your breath away as Turkey is a very interesting holiday destination, especially due to its wide beaches, historical sights, exclusive hotels and architectural mix of Ottoman and Homan influences.

Moreover, you can complete your holiday with a visit to Istanbul. The fascinating channel between Europe and Asia.

Regardless of your choice, Turkey is one of the best choices ever, rest assured! Search for more offers and have the fun you deserve with all your loved ones!

Accommodation seaside Greece

When it comes to holidays by the sea in Greece, you definitely shouldn't have to think about it anymore and plan a dream getaway. In this wonderful area we have it all: beach, sun, fun, entertainment and lots of relaxation!

What's more, it's also a suitable destination for the little ones. Choose one of the many offers and a single room type in case you want to go just with your partner and you won't be sorry for a second!

Always choose a dream holiday, great accommodation and a clean beach! All this may now be closer to you than you think, you just need to find out as many more details as possible!

Accommodation seaside Bulgaria

If you want to go to the sea this year and you haven't decided on a destination yet, Bulgaria is an interesting, extremely pleasant and affordable place!

It is impossible to be dissatisfied if you choose holidays by the sea in Bulgaria, no matter who you are going to spend a nice time with!

The important thing is to book the place you want in advance and then all you have to do is look forward to the big day!

Bulgaria is famous for its beauties and every year, a lot of tourists make time to visit this special country!

At least once in your life try to get to a place like this!

Accommodation seaside Romania

Festival season is fast approaching and there is no time to waste. You'd better start making lists, reservations and all sorts of plans because the holiday will be here soon.

If you still haven't decided where you want to go on holiday this year, you might want to turn your attention to holidays by the sea in Romania.

On the Romanian coast you will find many family resorts where you can relax with friends, children but also resorts where young people are at every step and have a great time.

There are many holiday offers by the sea from which you can choose, depending on your possibilities and desires. All you have to do is ask for more information about early booking and more.

Olimp, Saturn, Neptun, Venus, Eforie Nord and Eforie Sud are part of the category of quiet resorts where you will find relaxation and fun at the same time.

This resort Eforie Nord is one of the most important and interesting locations on the Romanian coast because it is very close to Lake Techirghiol.

Moreover, the curative character of this resort, propels the resort in the top of the preferences of foreign and Romanian tourists.

Whether you choose in Romania: Eforie Nord, Olimp, Saturn or any other destination, you will see that you will have a wonderful time, you will have a great time and you will have an excellent stay!

There are many early booking offers, you just have to choose what you like.

Depending on your needs you can choose a single room in Romania for adults 1 2 or a room for children 0 1, depending on how many you have.

Plan your holiday in advance and you will see that nothing can be more fun than having fun with all your loved ones. Romania is a very beautiful country, a country that deserves to be discovered by everyone.

That's why, if you don't know where to go this year, choose a destination in Romania right on the Romanian coast and you won't regret it at all!

For a dream holiday, don't forget to find out more information about check out, early booking, individual transport or all inclusive offers!

To make sure that you will have some dream moments, it is important to make your reservation in advance, to check the type of room you want, to make a list of things you need to take with you and you will see that everything will be fine!

Whether you go to holidays in Spain, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Egypt, Turkey or GreeceThe important thing is to feel good, to charge yourself with positive energy and to make the most of every moment! Also, you can travel to all these countries if you want, nothing stops you!

If you pay attention, you can find great deals that will help you save money at the same time! We all need a breath of fresh air from time to time, a few days to get away from all the daily problems and lots of smiles!

You are very close to enjoying all this, you just have to choose the destination you want and then make a reservation, both for yourself and for those who will accompany you! Whether you want early booking, something very simple or an all inclusive offer in Romania or in any other country, the important thing is to really have fun and have a great time!

Talk to your family and friends about this and once you've decided, don't forget to make a reservation to make sure you have a free place for this summer!



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